India Real Estate Trends & Opportunities in the listed space

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  • Mr Market
  • 13-Dec-2019

Cycles are a recurrent phenomenon for real estate across the world. However in the post liberalisation era, India saw a prolonged boom in the real estate market across the country. This period of boom lasted nearly 20-25 years until in 2011-13 real estate prices and transaction volumes across major Indian cities peaked.

Since 2011-13, it has been nearly six to eight years of slippery slope and turmoil for the sector. However, where does the Indian real estate Industry stand today? What’s in store for the real estate industy over next five years? And are there any opportunities worth considering?

Prospero Tree was recently invited at an investing conclave organized by TCIC @ Bangalore where we presented on "Opportunities in Financials Space". Here is the presentation about the same. (PDF Link PT)




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