Nilesh Doshi


Nilesh Doshi, co-founder Prospero Tree, is a CA having immense understanding and vast experience in stock markets as well as commodity markets. He also brings along a long history of successful investments into real estate. Additionally, his deep interest in capital market laws has earned him a reputation in that domain.


At his heart, Nilesh is a value investor with a strong focus on risk and a true believer and practitioner of diversified asset allocation strategy having proven success over the last two decades. He passionately and objectively emphasises on research-backed investing that helps in finding sustainaible businesses at reasonable valuations. 


His leadership, experience, knowledge along with independent thinking capability and quest to learn will help the Prospero family grow their wealth adequately. 


When not at work, he likes to keep track of current affairs, read books, watch movies, learn and practise Jain Philosophy and spend time with family.


Dhruvesh Sanghvi


Dhruvesh Sanghvi, co-founder Prospero Tree, is a Management Graduate from NMIMS University and Computer Engineer from Mumbai University. Before establishing Prospero Tree, he has been associated with various roles in financial markets with his last term being with Mr Vallabh Bhansali.


Having a very strong passion for financial markets, he has been practicing the art and science of investing in companies that create value in the long run. He started investing early, whilst studying, and over time has developed a knack in investing. He now plays an instrumental role in research-backed investing at Prospero Tree.


An outcome of his association in the financial markets has been creating exceptional relationships and seamless web of trust within the industry.  


When not at work, he likes to read, travel, spend time with family and meet friends. He also has varied interest in subjects like micro-economics, systems design, programming, and mentoring.