Most businesses in India are family managed and have different requirements and unique values. The capacity to allocate wealth to financial assets is constrained by dependence on the business’ capacity to earn, its requirement of funds and acquisition of additional physical assets for personal use. Even if there is clarity on these parameters, there are other complexities that makes financial planning for them quite difficult.


The complexities arise due to multiple power centers within the family having un-aligned thought processes. It may arise due to the attitude of being too opportunistic, that makes them vulnerable to not being able to demarcate the funds between business liquidity and personal wealth. This is further complicated by complicated business structures, cross holdings and tax inefficiencies. Additionally, one family may be prepared to take risks that another would not even contemplate to. One family’s luxury could be another's necessity.

There are other requirements that may crop up in the form of equitable business consolidation among family members, inter-generational planning to the next generation and need of transitionary support to monetise wealth from the existing business.


In keeping with such unique needs of the family managed business, Prospero Tree, has an expertise in understanding family profiles and thoughts on risk-taking capacity. This is where, Prospero Tree's experience in dealing with a large number of business families comes into play. Through a series of interactions and engagement programs, we can help you design a framework of investing for the entire family and help you stick to the same. This framework comprehensively covers entire financial planning process, including the asset allocation strategy and portfolio planning. A special emphasis is made on the cost & tax efficiencies along with simplifying the procedural issues.


We take substantial efforts to understand your needs with an open mind and focus on what really matters. This sometimes requires facilitation and coaching of complex processes, understanding family dynamics and other plethoras of human relationship issues faced by families. No matter how simple or complex your needs, we are prepared to help you plan for your future. Our experience has revealed that building relationships with the entire family and managing wealth across generations can pave the way for the most comprehensive planning.