Retirement planning is one of the very important arena of a truly long term financial plan. While considering retirement planning, our consultative approach addresses the needs of the participants and contributors of the retirement plan which is quite helpful and well appreciated.


It is important for many to consider the shift in balance from traditional joint-family support systems to a self-support retirement financial plan. Incrementally, the increased life expectancy has stabilized the demographic profile within families making the finanacial risk of living longer equally striking as the risk of dying early. 


Our feedback and accumulated experience in understanding the retirement financial planning comes from advising multi-family offices around this subject. We build in the change coming from evolving lifestyles, the role of real estate, increasing life-span, different social setup of families and aspirational inflation that one undergoes along with a potential increase in medical costs that one may witness over a lifetime. 

One of the least talked about but most critical feature that we undertake is educating the stakeholders to have reasonable expectation else it can create a strain on the retirement financial planning.