The sole commitment of Prospero Tree is to enhance the financial lives of our clients while improving the legacies of their families. For which, we help you deploy your wealth in a way that enables you to lead a happier, harmonious and secure life.


We help in everything from financial and physical assets planning and further assist you with the insurance and tax planning. We also provide guidance on the credit needs that can unlock further value for certain families. In case of transfer of wealth to the next generation or for social purposes, we also help you structure the inheritance planning. 


We achieve this by building a Wealth Plan that helps you to develop a clear understanding of your current financial worth, your ability to take risks, and your goals with clarity. 

Apart from the income and expense profile, these parameters depend on various soft factors like the responsibility of key stakeholders, liabilities, social commitments, and various personality behaviors. Developing an understanding of these parameters is a primary step to formulate for successful financial planning. After thorough understanding and iterative discussion with you and your family, we collaboratively arrive at a strategic long term Wealth Plan inculcating all aspects of financial planning and investment strategy.