More than 30 million Indians are staying in countries other than India. This community of investors is commonly referred to as Non Resident Indians (NRIs). We understand that you, as an NRI, may have investments in multiple countries apart from India.


Your appetite for investing in India will also depend upon your residing country, the nature of work, income generation capabilities and wealth already generated. Your investments in India are further influenced, not just by the love of the motherland, but in conjunction to opportunities that other countries may present to you. Additionally, if you are never planning to come back to India in terms of residence, the long term equation of currency volatility needs to be considered while planning investments in India.


We are one of the few investment advisors catering to the NRI investors with a specialised understanding of laws in India and the resident countries. Apart from the currency volatility, we also acknowledge the procedural and taxation bottlenecks that needs to be considered while planning investments for NRI.

Over the last decade, we have helped many NRI clients establish a framework for investing through our comprehensive financial planning process. While planning for these process, we take inputs of all investments across multiple countries and asset classes within those countries, the taxation impact, near and long term requirement of funds along with inheritance planning for them.