About Us

About Prospero Tree

Prospero Tree is a simple yet well researched and critically analyzed financial market portal which will recommend investors to take the right calls and help them make sound investments in the market. The primary motive is to enable the investors to take correct investment decisions and create wealth in a sustainable manner.

We cover various areas and provide perspectives on varying topics related to the stock market, debt markets and other financial instruments which will guide the investors to take the right calls.

Prospero Tree Founder

Prospero Tree has been established by Mr. Dhruvesh Sanghvi – Research Analyst registered with SEBI having registration no. INH000000875 valid from 1July2015 till 30June2020.  He is a Management Graduate from NMIMS and an Engineer from Mumbai University. In the past, he has been associated with various roles in Financial Markets.

Having a very strong passion for equity markets, he has been practising the art and science of investing in companies that create value in the long run. He started investing his own funds while being a student and overtime has developed a knack in investing in various financial market instruments.

Prospero Tree is the outcome of wanting to pursue his dream and vision of helping investors create long-term wealth by providing recommendations on several investments.

Who can gain from us?

We give independent recommendation about financial products/instruments to individual investors. Our recommendation is for the investor; he/she may be a salaried employee, proprietor, businessman, an HNI or from an Institution but one who has a keen interest in investments. Over time, most of our clients have earned superior returns vis-à-vis market benchmarks and indices even in the face of lackluster market performance.

Understanding the Sections on the Website

  1. Mr. Market:  Mr Market, a term introduced by Benjamin Graham, is used to explain the mystical fluctuations in the financial markets. In this section, we try to de-mystify various aspects about the financial markets by providing an ‘easy-to-understand’ analysis so that it will help you to build perspectives. Here you will find resourceful articles on various financial products like Equities, Fixed Income, Insurance, Real Estate, Gold and other such financial products.
  2. Investing: This section provides a detailed research on individual stock ideas and fixed investment returns. Our stringent research criterion covers aspects about Income profile, Return Ratios, Financial Valuations and Business Arguments. Along with it, we also present an UNBIASED and INDEPENDENT investment recommendation helping the investors channelize their efforts towards tomorrow’s winners.
  3. Tipwala: Tipwala is our most Dynamic and ON THE TOES section – here we sift, sort and channel information from various market sources
  • Trading Ideas: ‘Heard on the go, too good a lure’ – This section provides the user with the news rumors that can have an impact on individual stocks. These rumors are sometimes one of the prime most reasons for the stocks showing some erratic and sudden movement in its share prices.
  • Brokerage Radar: At Prospero Tree, we have strong stock research capabilities; nevertheless, we also provide the latest list of recommendations by leading broking houses.
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